10 Empowering Female-Led Businesses You Should Know

December 17, 2019 4 min read

10 Empowering Female-Led Businesses You Should Know

34.9% of business owner-managers in Australia are female*.

While it is fantastic that this is an ever-increasing number, we aren't even close to equality yet. In fact, according to The Women & Entrepreneurship report commissioned by Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship in 2017, in 20 years, the number of female-led businesses increased by just 3%.

There is much work to be done to increase representation. 

Our mission for 2020 is to ensure we use our own platform (like this blog, our newsletter and our social media) to highlight and help increase visibility for small businesses, startups and events that are doing their part to empower women, increase diversity, create opportunity, and are being led by fierce female leaders. 

As well as continuing to create the essential tools of the trade that help women work and #walkfearlessly. Of course.

This is our list of empowering Aussie female-led businesses and startups doing amazing work and inspiring us to do and be better in 2020. 



She's a Crowd exists to empower women to tell their stories to build the biggest database for the prevention of gender-based violence. Founded in 2017 by Zoe Condliffe who was working in gender advocacy and international development.

Zoe realised there was a big data gap in gender-based violence. She found a way to bridge that gap, using something women love to do: share our stories to help provide an evidence-base to inform real change.



Julie Mathers Flora and Fauna 

Launched in 2014 by Julie Mathers, Flora and Fauna is empowering people and organisations with knowledge to provide environmental solutions and offers only products that are vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and low impact.

Their physical and e-commerce stores are driving sustainable focus so that all global businesses are able to make ethical, cruelty-free and conscious decisions in every aspect of their business.



Rosie and Lucy Thomas Project Rockit 

Project Rockit is empowering young people to tackle youth bullying. Sisters Rosie and Lucy Thomas founded the company in 2016 with the aim of changing the conversation on bullying in Australia and encourage youths to stand up for themselves.

The company creates spaces where all young people have access to respect, acceptance, creative expression and real leadership skills. They send highly trained, passionate young presenters into schools to empower other young people to lead positive change at school, online and beyond.




Founded in 2018 by Lorna Deng and Bedi Othow, Divtal has a mission to make cultural diversity and inclusion a reality in every workplace. 

Born out of Deng’s own frustrations of struggling to find employment as a migrant born in Kenya, Divtal connects organisations who are committed to improving their cultural diversity and inclusion efforts to jobseekers from migrant or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to create a more inclusive future of work. 



A.BCH was founded in 2017 by Courtney Holm with the mission to transform the way people buy, wear and discard their clothing. 

They offer a simple solution to a complex environmental and ethical problem: The fashion industry being a major contributor to global air and water pollution, obscene wastage, human and animal exploitation. A.BCH is working to a circular economy standard in fashion.



 Mikaela Jade Founder of Indigital

Augmented reality startup Indigital, tells Indigenous stories through creative tech and augmented reality. 

Mikaela Jade established the company in 2012 with the goal to bring augmented and mixed reality to Australia’s Indigenous communities, allowing people to tell their stories on country through new and emerging technologies.



Hima, Founder of Inquibox

InquiBox’s innovative approach to STEM, means children now have an opportunity to develop 21st century skills such as creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. 

Founded by Hima TK, the company feeds the curiosity of the 7-12-year-old children through STEM educational activity boxes delivered directly to homes. Inquibox educates children and parents through fun and engaging project-based learning.  



Renece Brewster, Founder of Visual Domain

Visual Domain is changing the landscape for the way video is created, delivered and shared. Founded more than a decade ago by Renece Brewster and Daniel Goldstein, the company is now the largest video production company in Australia. 

With a generous not-for-profit arm called "One-Day", Visual Domain has the mandate to give back to organisations and communities that need it. Offering an entire day a quarter to work on projects for free. 


Silent Arrow Founder Kelly Barratt

Silent Arrow is a cult lingerie brand, made and designed in Melbourne, Australia for women, by women with ethically sourced and sustainably produced materials. 

Founded by Fashion Designer and Design Director Kelly Barratt, every single item purchased from Silent Arrow gifts a woman in need a pair of undies. Inside every pair is a message with the daily reminder that she’s loved.



Powerful Steps was founded by Tory Archbold to encourage and empower others through the different challenges they may face in life.

Having conquered tremendous personal battles and faced a near-death experience, Tory is using her story and experience to help others in leadership positions to be empowered, inspired and realise they can shift their mindset to lead the life they truly deserve. 



*Data from ABS statistics, taken from employment.gov.au

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