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How To Find Your {Sustainable} Signature Style For 2020

January 26, 2020

How To Find Your {Sustainable} Signature Style For 2020


Sustainability has so many individual interpretations, and currently, thereis no commondefinition of whatsustainableactually is. We interpret it as choosing ethically-considered products, quality over quantity and eliminating fashion waste. Here are 10 ways we think will help create a signature style that is sustainable and that will evolve your look while leaving a considered ecological footprint…

1. Create your capsule

Once you have the right foundation for your wardrobe, everything else will fall into place. Getting a base of staple pieces is the first step to pulling together your look. Add some mix and match pieces and proven classics and you’ll have the set up to create your own signature look.

2. Seek perfect pieces

Buying smart pieces that can be worked back into, and extend your wardrobe, are key when creating a hard-working wardrobe. Serious investments pieces, that you know will wear well {and you will wear} are worth buying as the cost per wear will balance out the initial cost.

3. Quality over quantity

Your wardrobe should work hard for you. Fashion trends and seasonal events can attempt to lure us away from what we know works well year after year, but classics work for a reason. Buy the best you can buy and you’ll need and want fewer fast-fashion pieces, making your signature look more sustainable. Choose natural fibres, quality made pieces that fit perfectly and you won’t go wrong. Not only will these pieces fit and feel better, but they will also keep their shape and colour, making them ultimately chic for longer.

4. Accept you are not every woman

Certain clothes may look amazing on a friend but will never work for you. The trick is to learn which silhouettes are your friend, and always choose the perfect fit over ‘what’s in fashion'. Knowing your shape and then dressing to celebrate it will create confidence on so many levels. Learn to accentuate your fave body parts and downplay your least fave bits, and remember everybody is different, strong and amazing.

5. Colours and your complexion

When creating your wardrobe, one factor that can make or break it is colour combining. Always choose colours that compliment not only each other but your skin tone, that means trying pieces on. Your wardrobe should be uplifting and help portray the image you want to project to the world, so always take into consideration how the shade also reflects your mood.

6. Invest in well-made accessories

From the handbag to your shoes, choose well and choose less. The 'cost per wear model' certainly comes into play as you approach shopping for these items. Look as well-made, ethically-considered accessories as a way to extend your wardrobe. Choosing a few key investment accessories will also update the seasonality of your wardrobe with having to buy more pieces.

7. Shop sustainable

Here are some of our favourite sustainable sources and why we love them:

Net-a-Porter’s NET SUSTAIN line features brands that are doing their part to make fashion and beauty that is more sustainable. Whether items are locally made, vegan, or designed with recycled materials, you feel better knowing that what you're wearing is better for the planet. Net Sustain is a curated platform, offering you the choice to invest in exceptional fashion and beauty products that have been consciously crafted. Every product in the edit is selected to take into account human, animal and environmental welfare and align with the fashion and beauty industries’ internationally recognised best practices.

A.BCH was founded in 2017 by Courtney Holm with the mission to transform the way people buy, wear and discard their clothing. They offer a simple solution to a complex environmental and ethical problem: The fashion industry being a major contributor to global air and water pollution, obscene wastage, human and animal exploitation. A.BCH is working to a circular economy standard in fashion.

The SOCIAL OUTFIT is a fashion label with a difference. They are a registered charity and social enterprise whose purpose is to employ and train people from refugee and new migrant communities. They celebrate creativity and our diverse community and believe fashion and creativity can lead to learning and empowerment.

GINGER & SMART sources and chooses fabrics that consider the environment. They believe it’s about smart wardrobe choices; quality over quantity. Wherever possible, they source fabrics that are recyclable and biodegradable. They also minimise the use of harmful chemicals and excessive water usage and waste in the production of our garments and milling of our fabrications.

ARTCLUB by Heidi Middleton embraces slow fashion principals where numbered limited edition pieces are designed to be loved, worn and re-worn, shared, swapped, borrowed, repaired and passed onto another pair of loving hands. They encourage their community to engage in the swap and resell environment, to keep the love flowing for ARTCLUB fashion once it has lived its best life with the original owner.

8. Grow your style slowly

Gradually add the items you need as you find what you love. Have patience and don’t feel you have to look “perfect” each time you pull an outfit together. What makes it ideal is the woman who wears it. What is your mood, are you enthusiastic about what you are doing. Choose to see building your signature style as a journey, just as life is. And as you toss out the bright loud colours and replace them with neutrals, perhaps it’s because you no longer need your clothes to do the talking and the woman is finally ready to step into her own without hesitation.

9. Maintain it

After you’ve curated your wardrobe, make sure you tend to it each day. An organised space will help you see what you have at glance and make it quicker to put outfits together. Take stock of your wardrobe and work to maintain it. Constantly edit your wardrobe and try to stick to the ‘one item in, one item out’ rule to control the chaos. Take care when you launder your wardrobe, this is going to help with not only the look and feel but the longevity of the garment. Wash only when necessary and always choose earth/skin/fabric-friendly laundry products.

10. Learn from the experts

Take note of the influences around you and adapt them to your lifestyle. Follow your style icons on social media and bookmark any outfits that immediately catch your eye for future reference. Your interpretation of core / classic pieces will ultimately create your personal style. Start by tweaking safe looks then add your individual pieces. This will work towards your evolving style.


(Image: @thesocialoutfit)

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