Thriving in the corporate arena

Welcome to the new She Lion site. So excited to have a new space to share with a community of empowered gracious women.

She Lion for me represents the modern woman and her determination to thrive in what drives her.

For me, I’m a lawyer and have been in the industry for the past 9 years now. As much as I love the intellectual stimulation of what I do, I had this burning desire to create a range of beautiful bags that would facilitate women, like me, to perform at their best and command a stylish and influential presence – the ultimate accompaniment to any power ensemble.

There was, however, one problem – although I loved fashion, I knew nothing about how to make a bag, let alone create an electronic design specification for one! So… for a year, I went about learning anything and everything I could from courses at RMIT, to mentoring from people in the trade – I talked to everyone and did not let the flame of this passion die out – in truth, it just got bigger and bigger.

This all culminated in the launch of She Lion last July - and it brings tears to my eyes to think of how grateful I am to all of the women (and men) who have supported me along the way by buying my product and raising awareness in support of a brand that I love, which is now gaining amazing traction in the short seven months its been in existence.

I look forward to using this space to share some of my journey along the way and hope to connect with those of you who also have passions outside of their current fields to encourage you to pursue them – life is short and anything is possible if you believe in it!