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Declutter your desk and reduce your stress

June 04, 2018

Declutter your desk and reduce your stress


A cluttered desk is filled with potential for distractions. There is considerable evidence that a cleared desk reduces stress levels.

So how do you clear your desk?

The most useful strategy I’ve found is to spend five minutes at the end of each working day to clear your desk before you finish working in the space. Those few minutes will ensure you start the next day on the front foot.

A clean desk suggests a clean and focused mind. It makes you look efficient accomplished, thorough and organised and will also make you feel this way!


How do you do it?


• Reduce office items.

Decide what you absolutely need? Remove everything that is not essential. Use drawers. Keep necessary items at your fingertips, but out of your line of sight.


• Don't stare at unfinished projects

Whatever projects you have on your desk at the end of day, find a drawer to store it in until you are ready to pull it out and work on it again. Don’t leave unfinished projects on your desk for days on end.


• Store to-do lists digitally.

Use Wunderlist (*I love this app!) or other digital notes like Stickies or OneNote, rather than hard copy to do lists or post-it notes.


• Limit computer distractions.

Remove all unnecessary icons and find a non-distracting image as your wallpaper image. Turn off email and social media notifications when focusing on a task. 


• Set aside five minutes at the end of each day.

Set aside five minutes at the end of the day to clear the surface of your desk and organise your action items for the next day. It’s a game changer!
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