Meet Anna - Legal Innovation Consultant, Tech Advisor, Influencer and Freelance GC!

April 06, 2022 4 min read

Meet Anna -  Legal Innovation Consultant, Tech Advisor, Influencer and Freelance GC!

Anna Lozynski is an executive general counsel and author turned change agent, advisor, and influencer. She believes that legal innovation is invigorating, change is energising and efficiency will never go out of fashion.

We were so lucky to have a chat with Anna and find out what’s in her bag of tricks for business success...

Give us a snapshot of your amazing career!

I’ve had a diverse and award-winning career in a top tier law firm, at the executive level across the banking, automotive and cosmetics industries. In 2018, I launched a side hustle and a series of e-books and guides about innovation off my own platform, as well as my social media communities on Instagram and LinkedIn.

In 2021, I launched my own innovation consulting business, legally innovative - with the mission to help law and business adapt to the digital age. I work with corporate teams to help them digitally transform, with legal tech companies as an advisor and influencer. I am a General Counsel freelancer, as well as a bespoke mindset coach.

Separately, I sit on the Advisory Board of a fashion tech startup, Mys Tyler, as well as some legal bodies: She Breaks The Law (a global network for innovative women) and CLOC Australia (a global legal operations consortium).

I’m also a recently qualified meditation teacher and the co-founder of The Mindful Lawyers - our signature product is the online 14-day mindful billable unit boot camp. Which is a program designed for lawyers that can be done anywhere, anytime in just 6 minutes a day.

I love this quote:

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” -Dr Jane Gooddall.

If your collective business experience was in a bag, what pieces of advice would you carry with you everywhere?

My personal arsenal for business success can be summed up in one phrase:

To be bold, curious and disruptive. Not just occasionally, but on the daily.

That inspires a spirit of continuous improvement, a growth mindset and a reminder to defy convention and do things differently.

More specifically, I believe in feeding your mindset in a few ways...

  1. Head food – I am incredibly aware of maintaining a spark of curiosity to learn more, cause reflection, and constantly seek answers to “Why Not?” and “What If,” that evoke rethinking, thinking bigger, and imagining.
  2. Heart food – I enjoy forging connections and paying it forward. Having a community is humbling and incredibly rewarding and keeps my cup full. At the same time, it is important to spend time with dear friends and family and devote regular time to spiritual practice.
  3. Mind food – My networks and communities allow me to colour outside the lines, and explore new ideas. For this, going out of the traditional way in strikingly different situations with different people is crucial. It assists in gaining answers to questions otherwise not asked.

Tell us more about rethinking the status quo?

A 2019 Harvard Study found that women face a greater challenge in networking to find professional opportunities – they, more than men, need to maintain both wide networks and informative inner circles in order to land the best positions.

Conscious of this throughout my entire career (I didn’t come from a well-connected family), recently I have set myself a KPI for networking of meeting 11 people per month.

I am exceeding this goal thus far. I love talking to people who make me see the world differently. That’s in addition to the daily connections I make through my social media communities.

What do you carry with you to achieve success during the day?

In any handbag, I carry:

  • A small yellow jasper crystal for communication;
  • A lipstick to feel polished and “on” (I get this from my Mum)!
  • Some money energy (as in a small amount of old school cash) for abundance;
  • A pen (because once a lawyer, always a lawyer) for opportunity; and
  • My mobile phone for connection.

What are you reading or listening to at the moment?

I love reading and learning every day - offline or online; IRL or virtual.

I run a virtual future-focused book club, called “Book Me In”. I started this at the beginning of 2021 and we’ve read some incredible business books, focused on innovation, data, cryptocurrency, blockchain, AI, startups and mindset.

I’ve upped the ante a little this year and had the actual authors (Will Page, Brad Stone) join at the end of our virtual group discussion - the feedback has been epic! Our next round starts in May so DM me on LinkedIn if you’d like to join our incredible community of curious book worms.

Anything exciting for the future that we can share?

I’m co-hosting a brand new “audio show” on Clubhouse, in partnership with Contract Lifecycle Management company, Malbek. Our aim is to facilitate discussion about legal tech, CLM and how innovation is driving change across the legal profession. But it’s also about connecting with others, community and learning together.


Thank you so much for chatting with us Anna!

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