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How to care for your She Lion piece


Keep your premium leather looking pristine

Congratulations on your new She Lion piece! We just know you two are going to have a long and happy time together. Like all things in life, natural leather products will start to show their age after time. 
Just like our own skin, your She Lion will need moisturising and care, if she’s to be kept in top condition and ready for action for many years to come. These are our tips for keeping her in fabulous shape and condition.

Leather treatment 

Proper protection can prevent staining, grease penetration and can prevent all manner of issues later on. 
Applying any form of polish will almost always change the leather colour. So do a spot check before applying to your entire bag to see if she changes colour much. We recommended using a good quality leather conditioner such as Leather Honey Leather Conditioner to condition your bag. 

Prolonging the life of your leather

To avoid premature ageing of your leather products, we recommend reducing exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperature. 
Keep your item dry and avoid damp or wet surfaces. Leather doesn’t like to get soggy!

Proper storage  

If you’re not using your bag, we recommend padding her out with paper or cloth so she stays in shape. All our bags come with a dust cover, we highly recommend you keep her tucked away safely within this to avoid getting dust in unseemly places. 

The ageing effect 

Natural leather products will all show an ageing effect called ‘patina’ over time. Natural wear and tear and marks that occur from day to day can add character and a life-story to your She Lion piece. 
Treated properly, you and your She Lion can expect years to #walkfearlessly together. If you have any specific care instructions, we’re here to help
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